How to test dual panels – panes fragments on small device screen Android

If You have old PC (Android in emulator with high screen resolution uses a lot of memory) or your testing phone have small screen, You can try this trick.
Rename layout folder for small device screen f.g. from layout into layout-swXXXdp and a large layout-sw600dp into layout.
Your phone with small screnn will do select xml file from renamed layout folder (for small screen).
You can to testing rotation with device en stability of fragments if an application changed orientation.
If you have old pc, you can try to make a new virtual device running on older version of Android, which uses less memory of computer.
For testing of rotation stability – application orientation changed – use on emulator Ctrl+F11, Ctrl+F12 key (Windows).

Before the release of application, you have to rename layout folder to older name layout-sw600dp and layout-swXXXdp to layout.

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