Cross road – Game for Android Download

Crossroad – Determine the order of passing the crossroads (Right-hand traffic, Right-of-way system).
Thick line indicates the main road.
The lines have same thickness – not the main road in crossroad.

Priority to the right is a right-of-way system, in which a driver of a vehicle is required to give way to vehicles approaching from the right at intersections. The system is stipulated in Article 18.4.a of the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic for countries where traffic keeps to the right and applies to all intersections where it is not overridden by priority signs (uncontrolled intersections), including side roads and roundabouts (but not paths or earth-tracks).
The system is widely used in countries with right-hand traffic, including most European countries.


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křižovatky testy autoškola pravidla pravé ruky

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