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Advanced Dictionary 30,000 downloads per month

Advanced Dictionary allows you to translate in any direction between these wo...

English to...dictionary 30,000 downloads per month

On-line dictionary translating between English and others languages: Afrikaan...

English Grammar Tests 30,000 downloads per month

Application allows you to test your knowledge of English language. About 500 questions...

Sky Map of Constellation 25,000 downloads per month

Offline Sky Map for Android 1.6 and higher download. A very simple overview o...

Pravidla pravopisu download 30,000 downloads per month

Czech grammar. Pravidla pravopisu

Testy z pravidel pravopisu download 30,000 downloads per month

Testy - pravidla pravopisu - český jazyk. Czech grammar. Pravidla pravopisu - testy

Vyjmenovaná slova 30,000 downloads per month

Vyjmenovaná slova. Czech enumarated words.

Latinské citáty Wiki

Citáty latinské z Wikipedie pro Android bez nutnosti připojení k internetu.

Happy New Year Sender 30,000 downloads per month

SMS and e-mail sender

English Irregular Verbs – Test 30,000 downloads per month

You can do test from three categories: Past Simple Past Participle Infinite Y..

English Test Proverbs 30,000 downloads per month

You can do testing from English proverbs..

Wiktionary dictionary by Wikipedia 10,000 downloads per month

Wiktionary random dictionary by Wikipedia

The Bible Quiz 5,000 downloads per month

The Bible connects people. Knowledge of the Bible Quiz - King James Version.

Romany Czech Dictionary 500 downloads per month

Dictionary allows to find basic phrases and words in Czech and Romany database... for Developers

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