Android Emulator won’t run application started from Eclipse

One from solution if application do not want run in Android Emulator from Eclipse. Every click on run will started new Android emulator window.

Try restart ADB server from command line in:
c:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools\
restart adb.exe server

adb kill-server && adb start-server

Next solution:

  1. Click to Eclipse menu Run and select Run Configurations
  2. Click on plus button beside Android Application
  3. Delete all projects in Android Application
  4. Close dialog Run Configuration
  5. You can try open Task Manager and kill the adb.exe process
  6. Restart Eclipse
  7. Select Your Android project which You want to run
  8. Try Run your project

Emulator no do run Android application from Eclipse menu run.

Next solution:

  1. Close Eclipse
  2. Close Emulator
  3. Kill adb.exe from Task Manager

c:\Documents and Settings\user\.android\ddms.cfg
c:\Documents and Settings\user\.android\debug.keystore
c:\Documents and Settings\user\.android\default.keyset
c:\Documents and Settings\user\.android\modem-nv-ram-5554
c:\Documents and Settings\user\.android\repositories.cfg

Delete content:
c:\Documents and Settings\user\.android\avd\
Warning: AVD will deleted

If you restart Eclipse you have to create new AVD instance of Emulator
from menu Window -> SDK and AVD Manager.

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